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The team is back for a rambling discussion that meanders its way from Star Wars to the Oregon Trail to intergalactic genocide (a cheerful subject!).


Mentions in podcast needing a link:

Star wars trailer

George tries his hand at being a game dev

Star Wars Phantom Edit of ALL prequels

Star Wars Phantom Edits of individual films

ANTARAN and SCRIMPhoes 2v2 some fellas on youtube

Bonus live action footage of their heads(?)

M.O.R.E. — A Master of Orion-inspired game

Iron Man Random Chinese Children

Voight-Kampff Online Test



It’s time to talk about Total Recall! The classic 1990 film starring Ahhhhnold, Sharon St–oh….there’s one from 2012, too? Well we’re taking that one on as well!


Commentary Track:

Dulce Wars:


So what happened to last week’s episode?

Well, we ran a new recording setup that did not work out at all. That’s pretty much the whole tale. We’re going to do better tomorrow!