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Justin’s back again to suffer with Clark and Grant as they try to unravel Alien vs. Predator I and II!

Also they discuss M. Night Shyamalan for some reason.




-Terraforming Mars!


All hail Joss Whedon! Give thanks to him, for without his work in 1997, we would not be gifted with this podcast today. Clark, Grant, Justin, and special Father’s Day guest “Dad” take on Alien: Resurrection– a lethal combination of California snark and French direction.

Science News:

Elon Musk’s Satellite Internet:

Star Wars VR Edition:

Evaporation Engine via Columbia University:


It’s time to talk Alien3 on an OG episode of Super High Sci-Fi! Clark and Grant are just crazy enough to try and figure out what’s going on in David Fincher’s contribution to the Alien universe.

Also, the team takes a moment to say goodbye to Christopher Lee, who unfortunately found himself standing on plestik this week.

Here are 22 amazing facts about Christopher Lee’s regret-free life:

Nimoy Documentary:


Does Arnold make everything better? Would a cat have spelled doom for everyone in Aliens? The answers to these questions (and more!) are revealed as Clark, Grant, Sam, and Justin¬† discuss James Cameron’s addition to the Alien franchise, 1986’s Aliens!

Super High Sci-Fi. Four men enter…and then leave after poring over every inch of the Nostromo.

More viscous white fluid-filled androids are on the horizon next week with Aliens!

Speaking of androids and aliens, check out”Riker” and the trailer for “Predator: Dark Ages”