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Galoram ice cream is flowing this week. In a setup worthy  of Star Trek: Generations, Clark and Grant’s very own father jumps onto the podcast to share his deepest thoughts on all things Star Trek while watching Unification, Part II.

And nobody gets buried under rocks on a nameless planet this time.


The boys are back with some really sad news. Join the Super High Sci-Fi crew as they share their thoughts about the loss of Leonard Nimoy, his career, and what their favorite Spock moments are. Some of the answers may surprise you! After discussing Neill Blomkamp’s insane plans for the Alien franchise, the team lay a commentary track in honor of Mr. Spock himself, watching the TNG masterpiece Unification, Part I.

Plus Sam tells us about Paramount’s secret time travel project.


Join us for the very first episode of Super High Sci-Fi where we talk all about the new sci-fi films coming out in 2015 and beyond! Can three guys scarred by the Star Wars prequels ever learn to trust again? Will J.J. Abrams’ damage to the Star Trek universe ever be fixed? Can they make a new Terminator without referencing the old ones every two seconds?

The answer to all these questions is no. To see our work in arriving at  these conclusions, give us a listen.